Tamrong - Thailand / Canada

Posted: May 07 2014

Interview with Tamrong:

Where are you from?
I’m Thai, born and raised in Bangkok. My mother is Thai and my father is Singaporean.

What do you do?
I am studying at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. My first job after high school was at an international law firm and I got hooked. It takes a lot of work and a family friend said that the profession is tough, but I decided I would pursue a career in law. Every summer I come back to Bangkok to work for the local office of an American law firm.

Have you been to Tailor On Ten before?
Yes! I’ve been going here for about two years. This must be my 10th visit. Almost everything I wear is TOT. In fact, I only landed late last night so this morning’s appointment here is my first stop… You have to get your priorities straight! I start work in a week, so I want some clothes done by then. Appearance is very important in certain professions.

What’s your biggest style influence?
The James Bond films. I remember watching them as a child and still do. Bond goes for classic, almost inconspicuous clothes but when you observe carefully you can see the workmanship, the craft. Bond has really been a style icon over generations.

When you want to make a good impression, what do you wear?
It depends on where I am. Generally, I like a light blue striped shirt, grey trousers in a Prince of Wales check and my Italian leather burgundy brogues. Well shined of course.

What piece of clothing can no man live without?
The navy blazer. It’s just so versatile. You can wear it to a bar, informal interviews, date nights etc. In slightly colder climates you’ve got to wear a jacket and the navy blazer always comes in handy. And good shoes. You can always tell cheap shoes.

You split your time between Thailand and Canada. Which country is more stylish, what are the differences?
Thailand is a lot hotter, so they wear fewer layers. Downtown Toronto, especially the finance district, has some really nice clothing. The colder climate gives people more allowance to experiment, lets them be more adventurous. There’s only so much you can do here in the heat. Bangkok is dressier but with less variety, fewer permutations. Office wear here is conservative, mostly black slacks and white shirts.

What’s you favorite spots in Bangkok?
Tailor On Ten, of course. Other than that, the British Club. I’ve basically grown up there. They’ve got a great restaurant and bar, as well as a good gym and facilities. Favorite shopping center is Asiatique, a concept center built in the shape of a 20th century Thai village and located right along the riverfront. For nice bars and restaurants, Soi Ruamrudee is great, for example the fantastic Hyde & Seek. I’d also recommend the Museum of Contemporary Art. Museums aren’t otherwise that prominent in Thailand compared to in East Asia or North America, but we do have some beautiful temples here.

Any travel destinations to recommend in Thailand?
Koh Samui is just beautiful. Krabi as well (and around there, you have the James Bond island). Koh Chang and Chiang Mai are also very nice.

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