Trunk Show Terms and Conditions

Our Trunk Shows are a fantastic way to see and feel our extensive range of fabrics and designs, as well as getting measured by our team and guided through the bespoke process. There is, as always, fine print and we are hoping to be as clear and transparent as possible to ensure that you love your experience at our Trunk Show and are very happy with your clothing. Please do read the below and understand that we are fully committed to making you happy with your purchase.

Delivery time

Our turnaround time for Trunk Show orders is typically 6-8 weeks from when you place your order until we get it into the post, then shipping time depends on delivery method. We always aim for faster turn around time but this is dependant on many factors and whilst we do our utmost to finish your order ASAP, these are hand crafted garments and sometimes delays happen. We ask for your patience while we craft your garments to perfection.


We work with a range of shipping providers, like UPS, DHL, Thai Post and more, chosen when placing the order. Once the package is handed over to them, delivery is no longer in our control. We follow up and act as an intermediary, but we can’t control shipping once the parcel leaves us. On very rare occasions, shipments may be delayed or the shipping company loses packages. If a package is lost, we will of course replace it. If there is a delay, unfortunately there is nothing we can do but wait. We ask for your understanding and patience.

Receiving your goods

In the unfortunate event that you have given us the wrong address, or someone is not there to receive your package, your order may get shipped back to us, which can take up to 6 weeks. We can receive your goods and resend them, however the shipping company will charge us for this, which we will have to pass on to you. In the event that we made an error and shipped to the wrong address, we will naturally cover the cost.

Customs and duties

You will be responsible for any import duties and taxes that may be applicable. We have no control over these charges, nor can we predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for more information. Typically we have found that in the USA and Australia charges are not typically incurred, while Europe is more strict, however nothing is certain.

We do have an all-inclusive shipping option (where all duties and taxes are pre-paid) however unless you have specifically paid for this option, as reflected on your bill, this will not be the case and you will be liable for these charges if they do occur.

Fittings and alterations policy

Since fittings are not available during our Trunk Shows, we base sizing on a current garment that you own and make adjustments to that as needed. In essence that means that the suit or shirt the client brings in functions as a fitting stage garment, allowing us to make tweaks from a good starting point. This, in our experience, allows us to achieve a great fit without follow-up fittings.

Thanks to our detailed process, we have a very high success rate. In the unlikely case that there are any issues, we will analyze them and offer professional alteration advice. We will then give you a credit via PayPal for local alterations for minor tweaks, or in extreme cases (at our discretion) remake the entire garment in order to make sure that every client is happy.

Once the alterations have been made we ask that you let us know what the tailor has done so we can update your sizes/patterns in your online account accordingly. Please note, we do not offer a refund, but will always look to rectify the issue(s) in the best way possible. 

If there are any issues with your order, don’t worry we’ll work it out! Here’s how:

  1. Notify us of the issue. Please take high-res photos of you wearing the garment from the front, side and back (preferably taken by another person). This allows us to assess the fit and determine the next step.
  2. We work with specific local alteration tailors for each city and explain them what needs to be done and agree on the price. Let us know if you already have a preferred alteration tailor and we will coordinate with them.
  3. You visit the tailor to get the alterations done, send us an email with a photo of the bill and we will reimburse you via in-store credit or PayPal depending on your preference. 

We are unable to offer refunds on Trunk Show orders as your clothing is bespoke made to your unique sizes. We will however work diligently with you to ensure that you are satisfied and have clothing that fits (whether that is local alterations, recutting garments, or future credit with our store). Tailor On Ten can also not be held liable for indirect or consequential losses.

Garments not exactly the same

Our garments are hand-cut and sewn and no two garments will be exactly the same. This is part of the charm and unique nature of bespoke clothing. We do of course, make sure your garments are well fitted and very similar.

We have a 1-2 cm allowance for body and sleeve width (including back width, front width and shoulder width, a 1 cm allowance for sleeve length and a 0.5 cm allowance for collars and cuffs.


Our Trunk Show pricing is marginally higher than our in-shop and online price points. The reason for this is the very high costs associated with us flying our team over from Thailand to come and see you. We are staying in hotels, travelling the country and so on. The slight increase in price helps to offset a small fraction of these additional costs. The benefits are that we bring our world class service to you, show you our fabric range, you get to touch and feel them all, we offer both style and technical advice, and you have a true professional measuring you up ensuring your sizing is spot on. If you prefer, you are more than welcome to visit us in our Bangkok store or order online instead.

Changing your order

Unfortunately once your order has been placed it is impossible for us to change any aspect of the order. We are managing hundreds of orders, each containing many options in itself. As soon as the order is placed, the process starts with fabrics being ordered and cut, patterns drawn, etc.

Confirming certain aspects of your garments

Working button cuff on jacket: If you select a working button cuff on your jacket, the sleeve length cannot be altered in the unlikely event that the length is not 100% correct. For this reason, we recommend a non-working cuff, at least for your first suit or jacket with us.

Length of your jacket: We ask that you confirm the length of your jacket at the time of the order, as we won’t be able to offer an alteration credit if you change your mind about the jacket length.

Garment care

We strongly recommend you to solely professionally dry clean your garments and not wash your shirts above 30 degrees as your shirts will shrink excessively. Unfortunately we cannot take any responsibility for any shrinkage or damage to your garments caused by not taking notice of our garment care instructions.