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Premium Cotton is pure 100% pre-shrunk cotton. A great entry level fabric for custom dress shirts.

Luxury Cotton is pure 100% pre-shrunk cotton with an easy care finish. A perfect fabric for high end, custom dress shirts.

Thomas Mason is one of the best shirting fabric mills in the world. Perfect for the devoted sartorial gentleman.



The weave refers to the construction of the fabric using different warp and weft. Warp are fibers running lengthwise and weft are fibers running crosswise.

Poplin is a simple one-under/one-over weave. A classic that looks really special with 1 dark thread and 1 light thread.

Twil l is one of the most popular dress shirt weaves. It has multiple wefts over a single warp that creates a diagonal pattern or texture. This tight weave can come in very high thread counts.

Herringbone is a twill weave in which the diagonal line direction will reverse every so often. Can create a somewhat 'dizzying' look,

Chambray is a poplin weave in which the one-up/one-down pattern has a coloured warp and a white weft. This creates solid, yet light, textured pattern that is very common in high end shirts. The warp can use multiple shades of the same colour.

Oxford weave has multiple warp fibers under a single weft and is considered to be more casual. Oxford shirts almost always use two threads of different colour and thickness to create rich textures and colours.




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