In-House Tailoring

At Tailor On Ten, we’re obsessive about quality, which is why we offer authentic European fabrics from world-class mills and in-house production, quality-controlled at every stage. This affords us full control of our half canvas suit construction, detailed fittings, and design creativity. We have hired the best craftsmen and hand-picked every piece of machinery and every component that goes into making your garments, ensuring consistently outstanding quality.



Celebrate Songkran

Join Tailor On Ten's Songkran celebration, the Thai New Year, when the entire country erupts in a spectacular water fight. Everyone, young and old, gets their water guns and buckets to playfully drench each other under the hot sun for three days straight. No one is safe, even if you're wearing a suit...



The Final Touch

Highlighting our stunning range of accessories from Italian silk ties, belts, pockets squares and more.



Behind The Scenes

Let our creative team take you behind the scenes of our fashion photoshoot. 


Welcome to Our Shop

A look at the Tailor On Ten shop. It comprises two beautiful,  old wooden houses built in the 1950's. Surrounded by a tropical garden, mango trees, travellers palms and lush towering bamboo, Tailor On Ten blends tropical with the old colonial feel with a Tailor On Ten modern twist!