"The waistcoat arrived this morning. I tried it on and it looks great. Thank your team for their excellent serice. I think you for everything. I am preparing to order shirts, so standby."
Robert D. [USA] - 06.04.2022

"I recevied the new jacket and slacks and I am very happy with both. Wonderful work by the TOT team."
Jim J. [USA] - 02.04.2022

"I had a great experience and am very happy with the items of clothing made."
Stephen S. [USA] - 28.02.2022

"I just [...] tried all, it was a great fit, thank you for your good and quick work, much appreciated!"
Makoto K. [Hong Kong] - 19.11.2021

"I received the package today. Thank you. I tried the pants on with my new braces. The pants are beautifully done and fit perfectly. Congratulations on the excellent tailoring your team accomplished!"
Bob D. [USA] - 07.10.2021

I have purchased a number of suits, trousers and a blazer from Tailor On Ten over the past few years. I have been extremely happy with every garment, right back to my first suits purchased way back in 2014.
- Joel M. [Australia] - 10.02.2022

"The fit as always is on point and the guys at at the trunk show were incredibly thorough down to literally fractions of centimeters."
Ben [Australia] - 26.01.19

"Exceptional quality, extraordinary service and amazing people. After you drive a Ferrari, it's hard to go back to a Honda - and they are truly the Ferrari of bespoke clothes."
Tim [USA] - 03.02.19

"The jacket is absolutely fantastic - perfect fit, incredible fabric and looks amazing!"
Andy [Australia] - 09.03.19

"10 out of 10 for Customer Service, Quality and Price. The minute you walk in, you are welcomed and your every need is taken care of."
Darren [Singapore] - 20.03.19

I was struck by just how special it made me feel being measured for my suit. I think every gentleman should experience that at least once in their life.
- Chris [UK] - 07.01.19

"From the moment you make the reservation, everything is simply perfect. Tailor on Ten follows the same high standards of customer service that you would find in 5 star luxury hotels, and I can only applaud them for doing it so well."
Alex K. [USA] - 23.02.19

"They are to suits what Tesla is to cars. They sure as hell have the attitude and drive to achieve excellence."
Howard P. [Germany] - 17.02.19

"Thank you for looking after me and providing me with the best suits around."
John T. [UK] - 12.02.19

This is the best suit I've ever owned and get I compliments all the time. Ben is going to be the ONLY suit maker I am going to use moving forward.
- Jonathan L. [Canada] | 10.02.18

"I have been showing off my new clothes to everyone I can."
Darryl S. [Canada] - 03.02.18

"From the second I walked in, it was first-class the entire time."
Chris O. [USA] - 17.01.18

"ABSOLUTE AMAZING! Don't waste your time elsewhere, just go here and make yourself happy with a suit that hugs your body and moves with you to make you feel like a million bucks (without spending that much)."
Robert A. [USA] - 16.01.18

"The quality and fitting of each piece is marvelously matched against each other. Superb is all I can say."
Milton Y. [Malaysia] - 02.01.18

Tailor on Ten in Bangkok is an honest operation. You get what you pay for. You will get good value for what you buy at Tailor on Ten.
- Chris O. [USA] | 17.01.18

"They were the only tailors in Bangkok who knew what we were talking about and could supply the fabrics we wanted."
John [New Zealand] - 16.12.18

"Tailor on Ten is what you expect when you have a suit made in high end tailors in the London, Paris or New York."
Tony [USA] - 28.11.18

"My order arrived today, and I am speechless! Everything is absolutely perfect."
Bram H. [Canada] - 04.03.18

"Received my shirt today, I couldn't be more pleased with the results, great fit, extremely happy with the fabric choice, great sleeve length and lovely neck line in the collar. Wonderful item once again, very pleased."
David W. [UK] - 20.02.18

"You are an example of what excellent customer service should be like and I thank you for answering my queries in such a swift manner."
Daryl E. [Singapore] - 03.02.18

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