With an undoubtable reputation, Dormeuil is the choice of kings, presidents, Hollywood stars, and connoisseurs from all over the world.

Founded in 1842 by Jules Dormeuil, The House of Dormeuil has developed luxury fabrics that are worn by the world's elite. From kings to presidents, to movie stars and top tailors on Saville Row, Dormeuil has always represented a timeless elegance.

Dormeuil's fabrics are developed and manufactured in England using traditional methods blended with the very best of modern technology.

We offer Amadeus 365, a light and timeless suiting fabric of 260 grams, ideal for every season. The secret of this new must-have from Dormeuil is an innovative compact yarn manufactured for an extremely precise weaving process. The end result is a comfortable suit with a perfect and modern line, already an essential to every man’s wardrobe. Amadeus 365: a suit to wear 365 days a year.


During 170 years of history, Dormeuil has been producing the finest fabrics on the planet, blending British elegance with French chic.


Dormeuil is known for being smooth and comfortable, yet appropriate for everyday wear. We stock a design range that is second to none.


Dormeuil has satisfied the needs of the most demanding customers in luxury, including brands like Gucci, Prada and Chanel.