Pure virgin Scottish wool, spun, cut, and dyed in the outer Hebrides islands and woven by hand by the islanders in their homes.

Harris Tweed is exclusively hand woven in Scotland, making for a truly unique fabric; rough and rugged, with rich colors and inspiring patterns. Harris Tweed is extremely durable, offering unparalleled protection from the elements, as it has for hundreds of years for the islanders who weave it.

The hand woven nature lends Harris Tweed its characteristic look and properties, which takes its inspiration from the scenic landscapes of Scotland, combining rich natural hues with muted earth tones, which are yarn dyed for deep, varied colors. The distinctive character of Harris Tweed has been protected by British law since the 1930s, and to this day, stands as the only fabric in the world with origin protection of its name.

Tailor On Ten is very proud to stock eight genuine Harris Tweeds, directly imported from Scotland. Our bespoke jackets are customizable to the smallest detail and made to your precise measurements, for a modern take on this classic cold-weather garment. All of our Harris Tweed jackets have a label of authenticity stitched inside them, ensuring the fabric upholds the standards of the Harris Tweed Authority.

Harris Tweed is a luxurious, distinctive fabric, unlike any others, and its heavy weight makes for jackets you’ll want to save for the colder months… but that will make you look forward to it every year.

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The manual production techniques lead to a rough and highly textured fabric, in which the irregularities contribute to its character.


Harris Tweed is available in a range of timeless designs, with rich checks and large herringbones being the most recognizable ones.


The standard of Harris Tweed is upheld by the Harris Tweed Authority, who supply a label featuring the iconic Orb with all approved cloth.