At Tailor On Ten, we don’t
just want you to look good, we want you to smell good too...

We invite you to indulge your hands and body in the sumptuous lather of Tailor On Ten’s Signature Scent Soap, created to embody who we are as bespoke tailors and make you feel your very best, just like our clothes.

Infused with refreshing eucalyptus, earthy pine, and a warm touch of vanilla, our soap is locally handcrafted with a carefully balanced blend of sweet almond, coconut and olive oil that creates a rich and moisturizing lather. Shea butter gently nourishes your skin and the finest essential oils will leave you feeling stimulated and refreshed.

LRTailor On Ten Lathers up with Soap Kitchen

Ben Cole, co-founder founder of Tailor On Ten, says, “The home of Tailor On Ten is a beautiful house that everyone loves, but the other way of recognizing it as a home is by its smell, so for a long time we’ve been planning to develop a signature scent. When Alisa walked through the door one day, the pieces just fell into place.”

Alisa Phibunsiri runs Soap Kitchen, a successful local soap company, focusing on quirky soaps, handmade to the highest standards. These values are very much in line with our own and we further realized that we would get along very well with Alisa upon chatting to her, “I hate t-shirts and I don’t like men who don’t iron their clothes.” Since we enjoy working with like minded local businesses (such as Café Caps in the past), we immediately started developing our signature scent and soap.

“This was my first bespoke scent commission. It was really fun to work with such a nice group of people, who are in it for passion, just like us. That makes it easy to communicate. We want everyone to look and smell good!”

To read more about how the collaboration came about, check out the full interview here.


A Healthy Obsession with Quality

Here at Tailor On Ten, we put the same passion and attention to detail into everything we do, from soap to shirts to suits. Our bespoke menswear is made from the finest fabrics and finished to the highest standards, which has lead to a worldwide reputation for quality and caring for our clients.

Please feel free to explore more of the Tailor On Ten world - may we suggest a browse through our latest lookbook? If you’re after a gift even more exciting than soap, perhaps have a look at our beautiful handmade Italian accessories or drop us an email to create your own bespoke clothes; online or in-store, for you or for someone dear. Either way, we’ll give you style advice and help you work out the sizes.

We hope you will enjoy this soap, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you ever wish to discuss the finer points of lather or linings, essential oils or essential outfits...