An integral part of the bespoke tailoring experience is selection. It entails the creation of a garment that is truly unique and crafted for the individual. Many tailored shirts, in fact most tailored items, will come with plastic (polyester) buttons. They aren't usually a part of the ensemble that people pay a great deal of attention to. The importance of buttons should not be underestimated, they can be the element of your suit or shirt that takes it from good to great, that bestows a real bespoke feel. We believe that buttons are the Pièce de résistance of high quality bespoke tailoring.

Our somewhat unhealthy but perfectly natural obsession with buttons means we stock a huge range of corozo, horn, bone and Mother of Pearl. They are all different and deserve their own spot in the limelight.

Every single Tailor On Ten suit comes with complimentary corozo nut buttons. These are beautiful, natural grain buttons, which immediately enhance the look and exclusivity of your suit. We stock a range of colors, to match or contrast the fabric. They are expertly made, naturally scratch and water resistant, and each individually laser-etched with a subtle Tailor On Ten logo. Read more about corozo here.

The following are our premium suit button options.



These buttons come from the horn of a buffalo. Naturally they come in black, or a pale yellow, or speckled colour. If they are brown (any shade of) they started off as black and have been bleached, with blonde and speckled buttons being the exceptions. Our buttons have a semi-gloss finish which makes them not too shiny but sharp looking.

We offer a variety of colors:




Bone buttons are a more casual looking button, they are typically dyed, ours are navy blue and grey and make for an excellent sports jacket button or a slightly more fashionable business suit button. 

We offer a two classic colors:



Made from a range of different shells, from oyster, to river shell, to trochus. Our suit buttons come from black lipped oyster, our shirt buttons from trochus shell. 

We offer two classic colors: