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Our Premium, Luxury and 120/2 range of 100% cotton are all milled in China in one of the biggest and most respected mills. They are milled using long staple Chinese cotton, and are beautifully woven, finished and presented. They are all pre-shrunk, yarn dyed fabrics ensuring minimal shrinkage and excellent colour fastness.

Premium - 100% cotton is our range of single ply Chinese milled shirting fabrics. They are a mix of 40-60/1 yarns in a multitude of weaves and designs. Unlike other single ply shirting fabric our range is very durable and feels quite soft and smooth. If looks and fit are all you are after then this might be the fabric for you. This range will wrinkle more than our luxury range. Depending on the value you place on the feel of your shirt you may want to opt for something better.

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Luxury - 100% cotton is our range of compact 70/1’s and 80/2-100/2 ply Chinese milled shirting fabrics. The compact 70/1 fabrics are poplin weaves and extremely light and soft to touch. The 80/2-100/2’s are a mix of twill weaves, oxfords and so on. They are slightly heavier than the poplins and probably most similar to what you already know. This is probably our broadest range of shirtings and some of the best value for money. All of our Luxury fabrics have been treated with liquid ammonia, which softens the hand feel and also greatly reduces the wrinkling characteristics of the fabric. The feel and durability are excellent compared to most shirting fabrics and the affordable price makes them great value for money.

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120/2 - 100% cotton is our top of the line non-branded fabric and in terms of quality and feel it holds its own with the Italian and English range. It is extremely soft to the touch, easy care, meaning that it has been treated to reduce the amount it wrinkles. It comes in 60 classic designs, a truly stunning fabric at an unbeatable price.

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Although all of our fabrics are pre-shrunk there is always an element of shrinkage with a cotton fabric. We allow for this when making your garment. We recommend that you wash your shirts at no more than 30 degrees Centigrade and hang dry (do not put in a dryer). Please turn your shirt inside out before washing to protect its beautiful pearl buttons. Ironing a damp shirt is always easiest. Dry cleaning is an option too.


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