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To test if a lining is Bemberg, you can burn it. There should be no black smoke or residue.

Tailor On Ten only uses Bemberg to line our jackets, pants and waistcoats. It is the king of suit linings and offers unmatched durability, feel and breathability. It is the highest quality lining available. Used by tailors on Savile Row and by top brands like Zegna, Canali, Kiton, it finishes our suits beautifully. Click here for more info.

We offer a a wide and varied choice of plain and fancy Bemberg linings to compliment the inside of your jacket, waistcoat or overcoat. All of our pants are half-lined with Bemberg too.

NOTE: Virtually every tailor in Bangkok (Hong Kong and Singapore too) use a polyester lining inside their jackets and down the legs of the pants. There is nothing “wrong” with this, per se. It is the cheapest lining available on the market and, as such, tailors make the most profit from using it. Many mass production, low cost big brands use this type of cheap lining as well.

However, a polyester lining will never be considered high quality. A suit made using a polyester lining can never be considered “high-end” regardless of the fabric used. There are three main reasons for this:

• Polyester linings do not breathe, making you sweat in warm climates and creating that damp, cold feeling in cold climates.

• Polyester is cheap, mass produced, and certainly not worthy of a bespoke, custom-made garment.

• When you ask tailors in Asia about their linings, rather than saying the linings are polyester, they will say that they are “silk”. It is highly unlikely that any of these tailors have real silk, especially if they are selling you a suit for USD $300-500. Polyester often feels like silk and to be sure, all you need to do is burn it.


Bemberg, a high-quality brand of cupro produced in Japan, is breathable, light, durable, and has a silky touch that looks and feels great.


We carry a wide and ever-changing range of both modern and classic designs to ensure we have something for everyone.


We offer full and half lined jackets, and our pants are lined from the waist to the knees for comfort and breathbility.