Bemberg - the king of linings

Posted: Jun 16 2011

We wear wool for many reasons, but the foremost is breathability.  It is light and airy, unlike polyester or polyester blends, which make you sweat and therefore itch.  

When constructing a wool suit, the lining is all important. If a polyester lining is used then it defeats the point of having a breathable wool exterior.  It keeps moisture in and doesn’t allow it to escape and evaporate. It doesn't matter how nice or high grade the fabric is, if a polyester lining is used this completely negates wool's amazing qualities. You can liken wearing a polyester lining to wearing a plastic bag under your suit or pants!

When lining a suit, the core of the body is lined and if this material is not breathable, then your body-temperature quickly rises. Bemberg wicks sweat and humidity away from the body.  Our suit pants are often lined from the waist to the knees. In an area that tends to get hot and often sweaty breathability is all important.  

The ultimate lining to use is a material called cupro.  Bemberg, a high-quality brand of cupro produced in Japan, is breathable, light, durable and still has that silky exterior that looks and feels great.  People often wonder why not use a silk lining instead?  Well, although silk has many great attributes, it simply is not as breathable or as durable as cupro.  You cannot compare a cupro Bemberg lining to a polyester which doesn’t breathe at all. However, many clothing brands and tailors use polyester linings as they are much cheaper than Bemberg linings.

Bemberg is made from natural cotton and is anti-static and anti-cling for a more comfortable wear.  It really does keep you feeling cool and fresh.

In addition to its wonderful breathability, Bemberg cupro is an ecological fibre which is biodegradable and produced using a renewable resource.  It is also clean-burning when incinerated.

Bemberg lining is used by all the major high end fashion labels such as Hugo Boss, Armani and Zegna.

Tailor On Ten only uses Bemberg linings.

To test if a lining is Bemberg you can burn it. There should be NO black smoke and no residue. 


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