Posted: May 06 2014

Sway is one of our favorite hangouts in Thong Lo, an area that’s become incredibly popular for nice bars in recent years. We are the tiniest bit biased as the owners are, like us, Canadian. For all the images of Mounties and hockey games that might evoke, in this case it means Andrew and Dave bringing great knowledge of beer, a sense of the outdoors (they have a nice outside seating deck) and of course the famed friendliness of the Canadians, which spreads among staff and patrons alike.

Sway stocks an excellent range of beers, lagers, ales, stouts etc, many of which are from craft breweries. Their food includes several bar classics in modern shapes, but the pride of the menu is the chicken wings, which come in many savory flavors.

Sway recently held Thailand’s first-ever chicken wing eating competition. They hold regular events, such as Model Night, Aloha Hawaii theme night and beer tastings. Respectable resident DJs and frequent guest bands provide the musical entertainment.

All this, in a modernly designed space, combines to provide one of the best bar atmospheres in Bangkok’s busy nightlife. Now, that doesn’t sound too bad, eh?




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Take some time to find your favorite craft beer among the self-serve taps!

Thonglor 10, Arena 10, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Phone: 02 711 6052

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