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Posted: Jan 10 2019

We sat down with the owners of Rugscorner - Imran and Wasiq for a chat over some warm tea.  They are located halfway down Soi 8, (same Soi as Tailor on Ten). A family run business, they sell the best carpets in Thailand.

How long has Rugscorner been in Bangkok?
Imran: My father started working with carpets a long time ago. He founded the business in Pakistan in the year 1968. We brought the business to Bangkok in 1985. So we have been doing it for a long time! Wasiq literally grew up playing on our carpets!

What do you guys sell at Rugscorner?
Wasiq: We sell beautiful carpets of course! We’re all about the beautiful handmade carpets from all over the world. Having literally grown up around carpets I know every knot in each of our rugs and their history. We produce a lot of our own carpets and also import carpets from all over the world. We have top line carpets from Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan…all the “Stan’s” basically!

What makes Rugscorner different?
Imran: Everything! I personally hand pick every carpet we sell and ensure that only the finest and highest quality makes it to our clients. Our prices really are competitive, we are not the cheapest but are certainly not the most expensive.

Wasiq: I think our service really sets us apart.  We not only make a point of offering clients great carpets at reasonable prices, but we offer technical and professional expertise and advice that others just can’t. As a native english speaker (I studied at UCLA in California), I offer very personalized one to one service and ensure all of our clients get the carpets they really want. I think we are also aligned with Tailor On Ten in that we will not hard sell nor push.

Do you do Bespoke Rugs?
Imran: Yes we do! Clients can order a design and we can have it made with the material, size and design of their choice. Everyone is always amazed by this, With that being said, we have so many beautiful pieces in our shop that typically our clients always find what they are looking for.

Where can we see your rugs?
Wasiq: Our shop is obviously the best place. We have a nice showroom where you can enjoy a drink and find what you like. We have a huge collection of carpets to see. We are really conveniently located halfway down Soi 8 so you can stop by on your way to Tailor On Ten! There are also a few of our pieces around the Tailor On Ten shop which really puts them into context.

Enough about Carpets! Any top tips for places to go or places to eat in Bangkok?
Wasiq: My favorite restaurant is “Beirut” - it serves excellent Middle Eastern food - the Shiche Taouk is incredible (it’s grilled chicken marinated with garlic and labsense spices) with a side of saffron rice and coleslaw, also after your meal, order the tea, it’s delicious.

Imran: Queen Sirikit park- It’s just behind Soi 8, next to Tailor On Ten. Access it through the church to the park. It’s a breath of fresh air in the busy city! Renting one of the rowboats is a lot of fun and a good workout!

TOT Recommends: On your way back from our shop, pop into Rugscorner, browse some carpets and enjoy a complimentary chai tea.

45/1 Soi 8 (400m up the road from Tailor On Ten)
Sukhumvit Road, 10110, Bangkok
Phone: +66-2-255-7795

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