Expique: Novel Tours of Ancient Bangkok

Posted: Jan 06 2015

Being located in Thailand’s bustling capital surrounded by luxury hotels, malls in competition for biggest in class, and the constant rush of traffic, we are fans of taking a step back and seeing a different side of Bangkok. The easiest way to do this is to head riverside, to the Chao Phraya, the artery from which Bangkok sprung. 

Expique Bangkok Tours But what to do? Where to go? Rather than running around like a headless chicken, we’d recommend going on an organized tour, where local experts have sussed out the must-see locations of old Krung Thep (the Thai name for Bangkok – roughly ‘city of angels’). Expique, run by jolly Englishman Simon, offers a range of tours with different themes, such as walking tours of Chinatown and the blend of different cultures in Bangkok. Having already done the quiet, manual-effort tour on the back of a bike, we opted for the gung-ho option this time; the Bangkok Night Lights Tuk Tuk Tour.

Wat Pho Bangkok Temple Wat Pho Bangkok Temple Klong San Market Bangkok

After meeting conveniently at Thonburi BTS station, you board a tuk tuk (one that amazingly will not rip you off). You then embark on a journey where you experience the sights, sounds, smells and flavors of Bangkok. The first stop at a night market gives an insight into the local youth’s shopping pastime, before giving way to a hidden shrine with a popular and widely believed Thai ghost story. The tour also visits several temples, which show a completely different side at night. Beautifully lit up and devoid of the crowds, these tourist hotspots take on a new charm after sunset.

The culinary aspect does not Thai Dessert disappoint. You’re fed plentiful Thai street snacks early on and – without saying too much – you’ll get to have possibly the world’s best version of a quintessential Thai dish for dinner. Oh, and after exploring the lush, incredibly vivid flower market, there’s dessert in Chinatown!

The guides are friendly and knowledgeable, and the rush of the iconic tuk tuk ride is undeniable. Add to that some great food and scenic sights with plenty of interesting factoids and you have a great way to spend an evening in Bangkok.

TOT Recommends: The groups are small with a welcoming attitude, so take the chance to make some new friends and check out Bangkok’s abundant nightlife after the tour ends. Come with an empty stomach and a fully charged camera!

Visit Expique's website or email them at info@expique.com.



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