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Posted: Jun 11 2014

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Tailor On Ten is a Bangkok tailor that focuses on high quality fabrics, excellent workmanship and great service. While making fantastic suits and shirts is our passion, we love to explore our city and in this guide we give recommendations for our favorite spots around Bangkok.


Leela Gems is located in the bustling MBK shopping center. If you have not visited it before, it can be overwhelming. Among the 2000 stores (!), You can find everything from cowboy boots to fake iPhones, contact lenses to genuine diamonds. This is where Leela Gems comes in. Out of their tiny shop, Sunee and her daughters Muay and Siri sell high-quality diamonds and other gemstones, providing knowledge and guidance to young couples and diamond lovers alike, all with a smile and great English. We speak to Muay (pronounced mui), who's third generation from the family to work in the business.

My grandfather was an mechanic in a goldsmith workshop, so the profession came naturally. My mother has been in business for over 30 years and we've been in this location for about 10 years. The shop's name is actually short for our surname, Leelamantep.

I See You that have Certificates from GIA, What does that Mean?
The Gemological Institute of America is a Major Diamond and Gem Institute for Research, Education and Protection customer, Headquartered in California. They have a branch in Bangkok, which is where I studied gemology and received my certificates for diamond grading and colored stone grading.

About Laser Inscribed Diamonds What's this so?
GIA Certified Diamonds Come now Laser Inscribed. GIA labs inscribe a serial number, which you can use to track a report for the individual stone. You need a microscope with about 20x magnification to see the number. It means you can ensure quality and ownership. For example, if you hand a diamond ring in for repolishing, you know that you're getting yours back, not another one.

So just like when you buy a suit from Tailor On Ten made from authentic European fabric and get the fabric mill's label sewn in, you'll get the authenticity proven by the GIA serial number at Leela Gems.

About US tell your own Ring, Muay.
This is My Wedding Ring. It's D color diamond, which is the absolute colorless one. The more yellowish ones are typically cheaper, until they get intensely yellow or other colors, which are considered as fancy color diamonds. These are very rare and consequently more expensive.

Muay tells US that Sunee Her Mother Walking is their showcase and we Understand why; She wears gorgeous SET of Diamond Jewelry including Rings, earrings, necklace, and Bracelet She looks fantastic and with them!

Who's your typical customer?
It's mostly Locals Some Tourists but also of course. Lots of couples about to get married. In Thai culture you only have a wedding ring, but now some couples are adopting the western style of having an engagement ring also.

What would You recommend for someone Who does not know much About gems?
First, You Need a Budget to SET. Secondly, select the material eg diamond, gemstone, gold, white gold. Then select the style. After that we can make recommendations.

You now see why we like Leela Gems. Just like us, they provide classic but modern styling, expertise and authenticity, often to dapper grooms or wedding guests.

What's your favorite spot in Bangkok?
I Really like Suan Lum since it's a lovely Green Space in the MIDDLE of the City.

That's what locals call it, Lumpini Park being the official name. A nice escape indeed, with a big lake, green lawns and a track of about 2.5 km around, which is ideal for a run.

To recommend any travel destinations?
Well, we're in Thailand, so it Makes Sense to Go to the Beach. Hua Hin is nice and only two hours away, so it's convenient for going over a weekend. There are many great seafood restaurants and plenty of hotels and resorts.

What do You Think distinguishes a well-dressed Man?
They should not dress Too complicated. A nice fitting shirt. Just keeping it simple.

You do have any anecdotes to share?
We actually had a Thai superstar in the Shop. His name is Mos Patiparn, he's a very famous actor, TV show host and pop singer. He bought D-color diamond earrings for his girlfriend (who is now his wife) and they ended up on the front page of the newspapers.

So if you're looking for a friendly, reliable place to buy something special, do like the stars and head over to Leela Gems.

While MBK is somewhat difficult to navigate, Leela Gems is easy to find if you arrive by BTS. From National Stadium station, follow signs to MBK, cross the department store to arrive in the actual mall and follow the main aisle. Leela Gems is a Small Shop on your right Side About Halfway down, Opposite to the huge Watsons Shop.


Leela Gems
MBK Center (BTS National Stadium)
2 ND floor, Opposite to Watsons
Open Daily: Mon-Fri 11.30am - 7.30pm, Sat-Sun 11.30am - 6.00pm
(+66) 081 668 6684.



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Diamond Leela James

Tailor on Ten, a tailor shop in Bangkok, focusing on high-quality fabrics. The workman expertise. And focus on providing excellent service. E-mail Becket made suits and shirts as wonderful as their preference is. We would love to visit our city as well. And in this case we recommend our favorite attractions in Bangkok.

Leela James, a jewelry store, located at MBK shopping. Among the stores in 2000 than the store if you've never been there before, you would think that it stores a lot of really overwhelming. You can find everything here. Whether cowboy boots or fake iPhones, contact lenses until the diamond. And here is where diamond Leela James was born. The Little Shop of them. You Sunee and her two daughters. You and your Muay Thai has opened a shop selling diamonds and other jewelry with high quality. As well as providing knowledge and advice to young couples and lovers alike Diamonds everyone with a smile and excellent English. We had a chance to talk to you for boxing. The third generation of this family to work in the family business.

Grandfather of boxing as a mechanic in a factory making gold. So we are very familiar with this business since childhood. Is the mother of boxing in this business for over 30 years its been about 10 years since we opened it, we name the stores by extension, our style is similar to that.

I see that you have a certificate from GIA, I mean it.

Gemological Institute of America is an institution of research and education, and education about diamonds and gemstones. To protect consumers With headquarters in the State of California, California, USA, with a branch in Bangkok, where the fight for learning how to determine the quality of diamond and gem here.

Then the number laser-inscribed on the diamond, it is not.

Diamond, who has been monitoring the quality of the GIA are inscribed with the number of the certificate on the diamond, you must use a microscope with a magnification of 20 times to see the numbers on the diamond , which means you can be assured. that the diamonds that meet quality and it is a diamond in your browser. For example, If you bring a polished diamond plating shop. Now get back in the ring Just look at the number two diamonds will know that you have received your original diamond to me.

Like when you buy a suit from the tailor shop on items made from fabric of a genuine European. You earn badges guarantee from the manufacturer that they are genuine. Leela James is the shop for diamonds as well. Sir, you will receive the GIA are inscribed along the edge of the diamond to guarantee that diamonds are correctly followed.

Tell us about your ring, please? You fight for.

A diamond wedding ring for Boxing 100, it is the whitest diamonds. In general, if the diamond is yellow, it will be cheaper. In addition to the diamond with a bright yellow or any other color. Which are classified as fancy colored diamonds at all. Which these diamonds are rare and expensive too. 

You fight for your mother secretly tease us what you Sunee (mother) was like a jewel box movement. And we understand why as soon as we saw her. Sunee you wear jewelry including rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. She looks very elegant with her jewelry.

Who is your typical customer

Most customers will be Thailand. But there are some foreigners It was a couple that was married. Culture in Thailand We will use only a single band on a wedding ring. Some married couples, but now it could be used as an engagement ring is a ring, two rings and wedding rings as I have it.

What would you recommend for someone who has no knowledge about some jewelry.

The first is to set a budget for it. Then gradually select a gemstone, gold or platinum. Then select jewelry like. The shop can offer advice to their clients, jewelry, beautiful and most cost within my budget.

Now you see why, yes, we like Diamond Leela James. Likewise with us They classic look But with modern style They have the expertise and reliability. Often we see the good of dress, groom and guests at the event.

Your favorite place in Bangkok where it is.

Fight Like Lumpini Park because it is a place where the green heart of it.

There is a name known to Thailand. The official name is Park. It is more likely to stay away because of a large pond. Green grass and an area of ​​2.5 kilometers around is ideal for going out jogging. 

Do you have interesting attractions to recommend it.

In Thailand I like to fight for the sea The Hua Hin The atmosphere is good and just two hours drive from Bangkok, it's convenient to go over the weekend. There is a restaurant where delicious seafood. And filled with a lot of hotels and resorts.

Do you think men need to dress like a fashion style.

They should not dress up and look good too. Just put the shirt into a beautiful picture, it looks good too.

The shop has an exciting story that I want to share it.

If the matter is we love so much moss uninspired superstar that so many of Thailand. Buy diamond earrings 100 from our store to your game (wife) game where you wear it on their wedding day. And earrings, we're on the front page of almost every issue it.

So if you are looking for a place with friendly and reliable to buy something special for someone you love, please do as well as celebrities and looking for a restaurant Leela James.

While MBK, it becomes quite difficult to find a shop, but to find some Leela James is very simple. If you arrive by train National Stadium station Follow the signs to the MBK Center, Tokyu department store and walk through along the way will have a Leela James, a small shop. Your right hand Opposite Watson 


Store Diamond Leela James
MBK (BTS Siam National Stadium)
on the 2nd floor, opposite Watson
is open daily Mon. - Fri. 11:30 to 19:30 hrs., in. - Ah. 11:30 to 18:00 hrs. .

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