Soi 8's Fruit Vendor - Mr Tamnong

Posted: May 06 2014

At the entrance of the soi where Tailor On Ten is located, there’s a gentleman selling fruit. He’s there almost every day and always has a selection of tasty fruit including mango, papaya, guava, pineapple, melons and more. Any piece of fruit is yours for 20 baht and the stall is always fresh and clean. Since we all get our fruit there, we figured we should get to know Mr. Tamnong a little better. 

How long have you worked on soi 8?
I’ve been here since the Thai year 2540, which makes it 17 years now. I recognize the guys from Tailor On Ten. The founders Alex and Nike have been buying fruit from me every day for many years.

Tell us about an interesting event you have witnessed here.
The newish coffee shop right next to where I’m standing exploded about four years ago. It was a restaurant at the time and a gas leak had caused it. The place got completely destroyed but luckily no one died. At least a new café came out of it.

What’s the most popular fruit?
Pineapple for tourists and watermelon for locals. I sell about 35 pineapples (in halves) and 16 watermelons (in quarters) every day.

What sort of clothes do you normally wear?
I always wear my hat. I like a little bit of a cowboy vibe.

Check out his denim sling bag also, adding another Old West touch

What do you think distinguishes a well-dressed man?
Definitely a good shirt. It’s nice seeing the elegant men walking by, going to work or to their tailor.

Next time you’re coming to Tailor On Ten, make sure you get some fresh fruit for the walk down the soi!

TOT Recommends:
There’s both sour (thai: piau) and sweet (thai: waan) mangos. Try both for some variety. The sour ones serve well with the complimentary dip of chili and sugar!


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