Infinity Spa: A Touch in Modern Tranquility

Posted: May 31 2015

LR: Ancient Thai MassageHDThai massage dates back over 2000 years, combining acupressure, yoga, herbal medicine and energy balancing techniques from India, China and Southeast Asia. The records of the art of Thai massage were largely destroyed during the Burmese invasion of Ayutthaya, but the skills have been passed down through generations, and by order of King Rama III in 1832, the techniques were drawn as stone etchings. These are still on display at Wat Pho, the spiritual home of Thai massage, which has also become a popular tourist spot in Bangkok. 

Spas in Thailand range from a single towel laid out on the beach to ultra luxury mountain resorts. Bangkok is full of massage parlors that, just like the hundreds of tailors lining the streets, have a certain sketchiness about them. Enter Infinity Spa, whose modern hospitality is a fresh addition to the market. Co-founder Ben (Benji) Attiwat Pearce, explains more…

We saw a gap between luxury hotel spas and the cheap and cheerful street-side massage shops, and we wanted to create something relevant and compelling to fill this gap. Infinity Spa offers 5 Star service through meticulously trained staff, using only the highest quality of products and at affordable prices. Simply stated, the 5 star experience at affordable prices.


What made you start Infinity Spa, what’s your previous experience?
I worked in the hospitality industry for many years, for both Marriott and Accor; however, I spent most of my career as first class cabin crew with Emirates. I wanted to combine this experience to create a service concept that was aesthetically appealing with a wow! factor; one where I would want to go that would not hurt the wallet.

What makes Infinity Spa different?
Hotel spas are great, they’re quiet, luxurious and have that 5 star service. Plus you don’t get the ‘fish tank effect’, with hordes of tourists walking by looking at you. It sure hurts the wallet though. We wanted to provide that “5 star” experience at affordable rates. Our motto is a touch in modern tranquility, which means that we provide calmness and peace in a place where design and tradition come together.

What was the philosophy behind the design?
Most spas in Thailand follow the same traditional style, using historical Thai ornaments and flowers. Together with my cousin and co-founder, René Anant Feddersen, and with the invaluable attention of our architects, Space Popular, we created a totally contemporary space. We spent the better part of 18 months developing and executing the concept, which became a reality in November last year. Did I mention all our furniture is custom made!

The name Infinity reflects our ambition to LRHDalways go beyond. We will continue to develop new services, refine our products and evolve the brand and the experience.

Tell us more about your signature oils.
Many day spas use synthetic fragrances. Our carefully designed essential oil fragrances, Relax, Detox & Energize, are careful blends of different essential oils that are absorbed, giving real health benefits. Chamomile is calming, pink grapefruit has a slimming effect and citrus fruits are revitalizing. Our base oils consist of apricot, almond and vitamin E, which are all hydrating for the skin.

Is there anything to look out for that indicates a good or bad spa?
Look for hygiene. You’re taking your clothes off, the therapists touch your face and put products on your skin, so you want a hygienic place. The products should be good and it’s important to have a pleasant and safe ambiance, as relaxing is key to the experience.

Infinity Spa lives as it preaches, with soft music, pleasant scents and a strict no phone policy. The staff move on tiptoe between private rooms and clean, comfortable massage beds.

What makes a good masseuse? Is there any way to tell before getting started?
There’s not really a rule of thumb, it comes down to experience and training. We have an excellent trainer with 30 years' experience. She teaches physiological foundations and repeatedly trains the techniques used in working tensions out of the body, restoring the body's natural composure. Rhythm and pressure are key.

LRHDDo you get many male customers?
Yes! Nowadays men care about their appearance and have realised, for example, that a well-cut suit, it’s masculine, and taking care of your skin, it’s masculine. Life in Bangkok can be stressful, and muscles easily get tight from the gym or sitting at your computer. We’re a good place to relax.

Lots of men do facials too, ideally every 1-2 weeks since we get shaving rashes and suffer from pollutants in the air. It cleanses the pores, stimulates collagen production and increases elasticity, which together keeps your skin looking young.

What should someone in need of relaxation ask for at the spa?
I’d recommend the Infinity Aroma Massage. It’s a deep tissue massage combined with herbal compression, which has a very relaxing effect.

Where are you from and how long have you been in Bangkok?
I come from an Asian/Italian background. I spent a lot of years living between Thailand and Australia. I worked as a TV host and model in Southeast Asia in my late teens after which I graduated college in Switzerland. I spent several years in hospitality from hotels, medispas to Emirates Airlines before coming back to Bangkok a year ago to start Infinity Spa.

What’s your personal style?
I’ve never been much for brand clothes, I prefer independent designers. I have many Thai friends who are great designers. I love suits, but it’s just too hot in Thailand.

It might be time for a visit to Tailor On Ten, to get a nice lightweight linen jacket with a breathable Bemberg lining!


What’s your favorite travel destination?
Brazil is a great country. The outdoors, beach and food come together in a wonderful culture. And I love Hong Kong. It’s so versatile. You can go hiking in the morning, come down for a nice lunch, take a boat to an island in the afternoon and be back to go out in the evening. But Bangkok will always be home. The hustle and bustle of the city means every day has a surprise for you.

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Infinity Spa
1037/1 Silom Road
BTS Surasak (10 min walk – on a small pedestrian street off Silom)
Tel: +66 (0) 2237 8588

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