Dorn - The Juice Man

Posted: Mar 26 2019

We love Bangkok, and we particularly love Soi 8, the street our shop is located on. It's a little less busy then the other Soi's., it has real character and most importantly it has some wonderful places to eat. We have featured some of our favourite people on the soi in other blogs (see below) and now we feature our Khun Dorn, our man who makes delicious juice.

What's your name?

Udorn but people call me Dorn.

How old are you and are you married with kids?
I am 53 and married I have 2 kids that are also married already.

We've known you a long time and we love your juice, how long have you been here for?
7 years at soi 8 but have been making juice for over 13 years.

Where in Thailand are you from?
Surin, which is one of the northeastern provinces of Thailand. It is famous for its elephants.

How did you get into the juice business?
I used to sell coconuts but a friend asked if I wanted to make juice, and it became a good business. Now I’m a real juice man!

How many bottles do you sell a day? How many coconuts?
I started with selling 30 bottles first,  now over 80 bottles a day. 40 coconuts a day.

Business is a little more competitive these days as so many restaurants have opened up on the Soi.

What else do you sell?
Pomegranate juice too, which I just started few years ago. It’s more expensive than orange juice because the pomegranates are more expensive for me to buy and also much harder work to process. But its tastes delicious! (orange juice is 20thb a bottle and Pomegranate is 50thb)

We drink your juice all the time and love it.  We know it’s very clean and healthy, how do you make sure it stays that way?
All bottles are sanitized. I soak the oranges in salt water for 30 minutes to remove all chemicals from the skin. And everything is made daily. You have to be careful these days as some vendors mix water with the juice, which is cheating and also they might not use good water. I use two different kinds of oranges sweet and sour and when I mix them it becomes delicious.

Our customers often stop by your stand and buy drinks, do you think they dress smartly?
Yes, you can see that they come from your shop with the big black Tailor On Ten suit bags and often they are dressed a much smarter than the average person walking on Soi 8! They always seem very happy (Udorn is clearly trying to charm us!)

If you could recommend one thing to do in Bangkok that you love doing (not a typical touristy thing) what would you recommend for our clients to do?
I usually don’t travel in Bangkok. But I love Surin, I think everyone should visit Surin! Great food and things to do, of course, it’s where I’m from so I would say that!

TOT Recommends: Stop by and buy some juice from Khun Dorn and get some sweet mango and watermelon from Mr.Tamnong our favourite fruit man who has a fruit stand right beside Dorn’s. If you are looking for some lunch definitely stop by and get the best Khao Kao Moo (pork and rice) in Bangkok from our friends Rachaca and Sanae wo

Dorn juice stand is located at the start of Soi 8 on the left if facing away from Tailor On Ten.

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