Hong - Singapore

Posted: May 07 2014

Hong visited us from Singapore on his first trip to Bangkok. Accompanied by his lovely girlfriend Sharon, he picked a grey superfine suit and a crisp blue shirt. ”I’m a student, but I graduate this year, so I need a nice first suit for graduation and interviews”, Hong tells us. ”I normally just wear t-shirts and jeans, but for work you need a good shirt.” We find out that this is not quite Hong’s first bespoke experience. ”Actually, when I was in the Singaporean Army for National Service, I was chosen to attend the parade for National Day. For that we got custom made uniforms to look our best. But it was nothing like this, with all the fittings and stuff.”

Hong spends his free time finding good food places and prefers when he discovers hidden gems. Singapore is good for that, with the massive variety of food available. His recommendation for visitors would be to try barbecued stingray, a Singa specialty. “But avoid the tourist spots. You find the best places in the Ang Mo Kio area.”

We discuss the Singaporean word ‘shiok’, which describes a feeling of deep satisfaction, which can be used for anything, but in particular food. Useful word in Bangkok also! Here, Hong recommends the trendy Thong Lo area, “it’s nice for just chilling in a café or something".


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