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Posted: Aug 15 2018

We had the pleasure of suiting up the rakish internationally-acclaimed writer, Lawrence Osborne this week. He had some interesting insights into the Sartorial world ‘his’ beloved city of Bangkok.

How long have you lived in Bangkok and where else have you found yourself over the years? What do you enjoy about living here?
I've been here about 4 years now, though it's not my first time living here. I was in New York for twenty years and before that Paris and London, where I grew up. Without question, Bangkok is easier for a freelance writer than any those cities, especially these days.

How did you hear about Tailor On Ten?
I heard about it from friends, but I also keep up with the grapevine when it comes to Bangkok tailors - it's so hit and miss otherwise.

Your clothing looks fantastic. We particularly like your Ormezzano Linen and Velvet jackets. Did you enjoy your experience with us?
I certainly did. Even the best Bangkok tailors are often a little aggressive with sales, and it was pleasant not to have to contend with that at all.

You have written about Bangkok in your novel/memoirs ‘Bangkok Days.'  The novel describes various characters who only just exist here, living almost ghost-like lives. As cities go, do you find Bangkok to be inspiring?
Yes, for all its problems. It's politically volatile, but so far that has not had consequences for any foreigners living here. Just for myself, I love the skies, the moods, the sense of openness and the strange labyrinths of the small sois. It's frustratingly unplanned but also wonderfully unplanned.

What do you like to wear when you write? Do you tend to write in coffee shops/restaurants etc. or at home?
I always write in my office, and in a kimono, believe it or not. It's perfect for the job!

What’s the one item of clothing that every man should have in his closet? And what item of clothing can you simply not do without?
The answer to both questions: a high quality, beautifully cut white shirt.

What’s your go-to restaurant/stall for Thai food in Bangkok? What’s your go-to dish?
That's a tough question. I go to Local on soi 23 because it's around the corner from me and it's peaceful and elegant. I like simple northern dishes. "Kor muu yang" if they have it.

Do you have another book about Bangkok in you or are you looking further afield for the next inspiration?
My latest novel is set in Greece, Beautiful Animals and the one after that is a commission from the Raymond Chandler estate for the next Philip Marlowe novel, which I've set in Mexico. But after those...maybe Bangkok.

Do you follow fashion trends or tend to go with what you feel comfortable in?
I'm in my 50's, so fashion trends are not necessarily my ally. I'm looking for classic, simple, well-made clothes that Cary Grant could have worn ( with a few updates ).

Finally, you’ve lived a fascinating life by anyone’s standards, what’s next for you?
As many books as I can write without becoming a full-time Buddhist or falling off a cliff!

Lawrence is wearing an Italian sourced Ormezanno purple linen blazer made by Tailor On Ten paired with hopsack pants. Find more about Lawrence or read a New York times post here

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