How to create your Tailored Suit

Posted: Jun 11 2013

Buying a suit is easy, but buying the 'right' suit can be a challenge for even the most astute gentleman. So, how does a first time buyer go about choosing a suit that is right for them. For obvious reasons, getting every suit tailor-made would be the ultimate solution, but unfortunately it isn't always feasible. Or is it? Price is usually the main barrier to purchasing a tailor-made suit as most western shops will charge around the $3000 mark. A steep buy-in to be sure but don't let that deter you, a Suit purchased from Tailor on Ten starts at around $450 and reaches the lofty heights of about $1000. We don't use Polyester so make sure you've got some mothballs for the wardrobe! In this price range you could also buy a suit off the rack for the same price but why not get a suit that is handcrafted specifically for you? Click here to see our prices

So, now that price is no longer an obstacle let's look at what other hurdles you might have to overcome. Coming to Bangkok is not really an option for everyone, especially so if all they want is a suit. But don't worry, we can guide you through taking measurements or you could have a local alterations shop take them for you.

As you can see there is absolutely no reason why you can't order a quality suit made with world class fabrics right now. With all that sorted out lets get down to the real stuff, lets make your suit. Firstly we need to talk fabric and by fabric I mean Wool and by Wool I mean;Shetland, Lambswool, Virgin, Boiled, Worsted, Tropical-weight, Shearling, Tweed, Gabardine, Flannel, Fleece, Alpaca, Mohair, Angora, Cashmere, Camel hair and our personal favourite... Merino! Some of these are specialised for Hot/Cold climates and some are designed for feel or style. That selection is designed to impress so let the awe swell, but if it becomes too much just contact us and we can run through it all with you.

Single vs. Double

Put simply, a double-breasted jacket folds over itself in the front, while a single breasted one doesn't. Double-breasted jackets are more formal or reserved and still terribly fashionable if worn right. It is more suited to a mature man creating a look of professionalism and timeless style. Single breasted jackets are the norm, with flexibility to be worn in any environment and can be dressed down with jeans or chinos. This the great thing about the flexibility of a single breasted suit, it allows you to go off on whatever stylistic tangent you feel like and so long as the fit is right the suit will most likely be a winner. Through in a vest for either to give it that little bit of extra class.


You can choose from Notch, Slim Notch, Peak, Slim Peak or Shawl. Notch is used prominently on single-breasted jackets, while peaks are used on doubles and shawls are usually reserved for tuxedos and smoking jackets.


Tailor on Ten uses Bemberg lining as standard on all suits, if you use polyester you might as well be wearing a plastic bag and silk just doesn't last long enough. You can get Bemberg in nearly all colours but if you are set on silk then go for it.


After the main stylistic choices have been made you then have to decide on buttons, pockets, satin, vents, pick stitching, button hole trim, collar felt, pads and the all important placement of your monogram if you are so inclined.

Congratulations, you now have a high quality suit in a world class fabric that has been designed specifically for you at a price point that just can't be beaten. Now all you have to do is pay us and we will ship it to you within 3 weeks. If the measurements are a bit off, which they won't be, we will sort things out. Send us an email to discuss!

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