The Suits of Conor McGregor

Posted: Dec 16 2015

Conor McGregor is one of the most exciting personalities in the world of sports, and he has been known for his devastating fighting, but also for his dashing, extremely out-there suits. At Tailor On Ten we enjoy his style, and we have decided to pick apart some of his looks to give our customers some inspiration.

We started with this three-piece suit in pale gray with a blue and lighter gray window pane check. We like how this look comes together with the sky blue shirt and the darker blue bow tie. The pocket square was tastefully chosen to be complementary to the bow tie, but without matching it too closely.  The monogrammed french cuffs on the shirt bring more substance to the look and add to the richness of detailing of the ensemble. As for the jacket, the peak lapels are slim and subtle, thinning McGregor’s round face. The waistcoat caught our attention too, and we think that the boxer might have skipped a button while getting dressed. The lapels on the vest look bulky as a result, and the lower peaks uneven. Overall, apart from the small wardrobe malfunction, this is a truly magnificent look.

We found this second look interesting because it plays with only one color and yet it is eye catching. The blue fabric has light blue checks. The dark blue tie is worn on a shirt of a darker blue than the suit. The details bring the attire together once again, like the lapels on the waistcoat, the red embellishment on the button hole, and the subtle pocket square playing along with the checks of the fabric. The only remark we have is about the tie, it looks a little cheap, a mishap that could have been fixed by choosing a more interesting texture for its fabric.

We are particularly fond of this ensemble and we deem it one of the best we have seen on Conor. The royal blue pinstripe, contrasted by the light brown of the suede shoes is eye-candy, especially because it is topped off by shoe laces matching the light stripes. The combination comes full circle with a light blue shirt with rounded single cuffs that lets the suit do the talking. The jacket rocks a pretty intense lining, and we hope for Conor's sake that it is made out of Bemberg.

The last look we decided to bring to your attention is this blue hopsack blazer with horn buttons. Hopsack blazers are amongst our bestsellers, and from the picture it's easy to understand why. This look is fresh, but not too elaborate, worn with a classic white shirt fitted with a double cuff. Patch pockets add a casual touch to the jacket and the tie and pocket square give a fun spin to the ensemble bringing in a cool pattern. The light, fresh colours of the top side are grounded by the dark navy chinos, guaranteeing a touch of elegance. Check out our version of this blazer here or shop online.

Celebrities make a great source of inspiration, and if you would to take style some notes from Conor McGregor's extravagant outfits, drop us a line and we'll advise you personally, or check out the latest checked suits in our online store. If you want proof of our credentials, check out our testimonials. Either way, make sure it's a three-piece! For more fighter style, read our expert commentary on Mayweather vs Pacquiao here.

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