The Suits of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Posted: Aug 30 2015

Tom Cruise’s blue suit from Mission Impossible 4 stands as our best selling ‘movie suit’ ever, so when the new film of the franchise hit cinemas, we had to see if the suits measured up.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation follows in the footsteps of the previous films and it definitely packs a punch, with a plot like an action filled roller coaster. The cast was dressed by British costume designer Joanna Johnston, a veteran of the silver screen known for having dressed the main characters of Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemekis pictures. Let’s take a look at the style of the IMF team!

The first look we have selected is the classic three piece suit worn by Jeremy Renner in the formal hearing scene. Wearing a classic sharkskin is appropriate as Renner is being grilled by a senate committee and an understated appearance is the way to go. The outfit is toned down even more by wearing gray on gray, suit, shirt and tie. Given the roundness of Renner’s face, we would have advised against such large lapels, but since the costume designer was after a look that spelled “dependable”, the classic proportions do the trick.

The second ensemble is the tuxedo that Simon Pegg wears to the opera. The combination features a classic black jacket over a pleated white shirt and a neat bow tie. There is nothing exceptional, but nothing out of place either, the perfect tux to blend in the crowd while on secret missions. On principle we object to the notch lapel, an element that is rarely seen in tuxedos, since it crosses the fine line between black tie attire and suit jacket.

The third suit, allows us to disclose a small sartorial anecdote. One of the biggest stunts performed for the movie involved strapping Cruise to the side of a plane as it took off. The suit used for this scene is a bespoke suit, but before sending Cruise up in the air with the real suit, a stunt double wearing an off the rack suit tested out the rig. Once the stuntman landed safely, the seams that were ruined by the strong air currents were inspected, and then reinforced on Tom’s bespoke suit before sending him up.

As for the suit itself, the stylist says that the creation was inspired by Cary Grant’s gray mohair and white shirt combination worn in Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”. We approve of the choice of mohair, as its natural crease-resistance would lend itself well to looking good even after a high-speed chase.

Here at Tailor On Ten we are keen movie lovers, so whenever you see your favorite movie stars being strapped to a plane in a really nice suit, we will be more than happy to help recreate it just for you. Check out some of our previous movie posts here.

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