Fight of the Century: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

Posted: Apr 27 2015

Here at Tailor On Ten, we have strong opinions Bangkok Boxing about things, so we figured we’ll just go ahead and call a winner in the imminent fight of the century - Mayweather vs. Pacquiao! We let our in-house boxing expert Danny speak not at all about boxing… but about his other expertise: tailoring!

The press event announcing the fight gave enough material for a sartorial fight between these two giants, so let’s get into the match:

Opening Rounds: Suits
At the bell, both fighters look in great shape with good fits, although it's a slow start with both men needing alterations to their trouser lengths. Pacquiao displays great generalship with his aggressive style: peak lapel, and solid grey on grey cheque pattern. Mayweather looks sharp capitalising on his superior sleeve length, but is ultimately left faltering on the ropes with his junior size notch lapels. Pacquiao dominates.

Middle Rounds: Shirts Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao Fight Suit
Pacquiao shows his class with a classic white poplin shirt and a combination of kent collar and beveled cuffs. Mayweather holds his own, mixing up a striped shirt with a striped pattern suit. He dazzles with French cuffs but back pedals into the corner with his tieless fully buttoned shirt, and is left dazed and confused by the monogram of his name outrageously splayed across one whole side of his collar. Pacquiao ahead on two cards.

Championship Rounds: Accessories
The two legends both take unnecessary punishment by forgetting to sport pocket squares, but it's Mayweather's flashy diamond encrusted Gucci belt that is exposed as all show and no substance. Pacquiao stays on form and gets inside delivering a bomb of a sleek and stylish tie neatly finishing at just the right spot; right on the money!
12th Round KO!

Verdict: Pacquiao takes the victory
Fight of the century it maybe wasn't, but both suits looked like the suits of champions (albeit champions no longer quite in their prime), but the scoring is in the details, and that's where the Pac-Man found the target.

Mayweather Pacquiao Fight

Want to challenge Manny and Floyd yourself? Better stay out of the ring and take up the sartorial fight. That’ll be an easy match with our silk ties, pocket squares, (non-diamond encrusted) belts, and of course perfectly fitted suits and shirts. Happy fighting!


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