The Hopsackers

Posted: Jul 09 2014

Hopsack is a classic fabric, woven loosely to create a slightly rough texture. In fact, the name comes from the sturdy sacks used by famers to carry hops to the production of beer. The modern take means suit fabrics made from high-quality wools, giving it a soft touch, while the basket weave makes it breathable and crease resistant. Thanks to this, hopsack makes ideal travel blazers, even for summer holidays.

The coarseness gives it a somewhat casual look and the fuller texture means it looks great even with jeans. This affords fantastic versatility. A three-piece suit in hopsack fabric looks infinitely refined, while the three garments can all be worn separately to great effect. That also makes it easy to move between formal and casual, day and night.

We stock a range of hopsack fabrics from Vitale Barberis Canonico, one of Italy’s most reputable mills, which has been making fabrics since 1663. We have several shades of blue and grey well as more adventurous options such as red and orange.  People increasingly enjoy trying new colors and textures, and as the summer months are upon us, many of our customers have turned to a cool hopsack for an updated blazer look.

Browse and shop our range of hopsack right here!

Here’s Nicolo rocking the sky blue,

Ron looking dapper in a navy two-piece and

Magnus displaying the perfect summer look.

Our awesome mannequin blazer gets a shout-out too.

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