Introducing: Tailor On Ten Trunk Shows

Posted: Apr 29 2015

Tailor On Ten Trunk Shows

We are proud of having built a reputation for exceptional quality and great style that spans a global client base. Now we take a huge step forward in providing our famous garments in a truly convenient fashion – by coming to you

Introducing: Tailor on Ten Trunk Shows

“Trunk show,” we hear you say, “what do elephants have to do with suits?” To find out, we sat down with Tailor On Ten’s lyrically named Alex and Axel – co-founder and marketing manager, respectively. 

So what’s a trunk show?  “Traveling
Alex: Trunk shows are a time-tested tradition that tailors have been employing for hundreds of years, where a traveling tailor combines the personal service of a shop visit with the convenience of local shopping. Back in the day, tailors from Naples to Savile Row would travel to every corner of the world, packing their sample books and measure tapes in steamer trunks, thus coining the term ‘trunk show’.

Why are you doing them?
Alex: Over the past few years, men across the world have discovered the high quality and great fit that bespoke provides, but obviously everyone can’t be expected to head to Bangkok as soon as they need a new shirt. So now, we’re bringing that service to you.

Axel: Combining our expertise in pattern cutting, incredible range of fabric and superb attention to detail with the cost benefit of being located in Bangkok, means we can offer a superior quality product, fitted to your exact measurements, at a truly competitive price.

Alex: I don’t wear a suit all the time, but when I do, I really want it to fit. So for a long time that’s something I’ve wanted to bring to everyone, and it’s finally time!

“Bangkok Is it just for previous clients?
Axel: Nope, we really enjoy getting to know our customers and are looking forward to seeing some old faces, but we also want to make bespoke accessible for everyone, so all are welcome to our trunk shows. We’re excited to extend the same warm greeting as in our store to lots of new clients.

Alex: We also have a fully featured online store for the clients we’re unable to visit in person just yet, or those who just prefer to ponder their bespoke decisions from the comfort of their own couch.

How will it work?
Alex: We will be showing a huge range of fabrics for both shirts and suits, including some of my favorites from Thomas Mason and Vitale Barberis Canonico, and guiding people through a bunch of design options, that make the clothes truly yours. You'll place the order conveniently through an iPad, which also saves all your designs for future orders. We’ll measure new clients and adjust the patterns of current customers. Please bring your best fitting garments along for size reference. A few weeks after ordering, your new bespoke clothes will be delivered, saving your time and style!

Axel: Make sure you make an appointment though, as we expect to get very busy! (Email us)

Will there be any help with styling? “Tailor
Absolutely! We have a great lookbook app on our iPads and you can bring your own iPad also. Then there’s us... Axel and I will personally be on hand to advise on style. Since starting Tailor On Ten I have literally advised thousands of clients on how to get the most out of their clothes.

Axel: Tailoring is actually in my blood, so to speak, as my mom has worked as a professional tailor all her life. I worked with menswear and fashion in Sweden, Hong Kong and the UK before joining Tailor On Ten. Alex and I source a lot of the fabrics and accessories too, so we’ve already spent countless hours thinking of how to make you look your best!

So the first trunk show was held at a place called Club Meatballs? Are you serious?
Axel: Yes! It was such a cool space and the guys who run it really ‘get’ making a good product, in their case, meatballs. When looking around for a place to host our show, I came across Club Meatballs and I liked the quirkiness and the casual yet trendy vibe. I’m Swedish and as you probably know, we make the best meatballs, so in exchange for us setting up shop there, I taught the Club Meatballs guys how to make my grandmother’s famous Swedish meatballs!

Where are these trunk shows taking place?
Axel: Our next stop is Northern Europe in January 2016. Exact dates and locations are to be determined, but please email us now to show your interest or to request our next destination. Stay tuned and see you soon!

Finally, what are you wearing in these photos?
Alex: I'm wearing a Pure Wool mid-blue suit, white Luxury Cotton royal twill shirt (1161), Shamrock Treviso silk tie and Midnight Pescara pocket square.

Axel: This is a Giovanni Tonella Super 110s suit in light grey Prince of Wales, white Luxury Cotton fine twill shirt (1080), Indigo Roma silk tie and Violet Palermo pocket square.


For bookings and to request where you’d like to see us next, please contact us.

Click here for FAQ and the latest details on our traveling plans.

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