Style Breakdown: Ryan Reynolds’s Brown Blazer

Posted: Jul 12 2014

We’ve mentioned Ryan Reynolds before. We think he has pretty cool style, pulling off sophisticated casual and elegant formal with equal effortlessness. In our last blog post we praised the hopsack blazer… and look who comes to along to prove our point: Ryan Reynolds in an immaculate brown hopsack blazer.

Let's take a look at the details:


  1. The hopsack is also breathable in the hot weather and travels well due to its natural crease resistance.
  2. The fabric has a rough texture, which makes it easier to match to other textures and colors than a more “plain" or "flat” suit fabric.
  3. Brown fabrics are unusual, but when you find a nice one it's a great choice, even for summer, as shown here (yes, we have a lovely one).
  4. Patch pockets give a casually relaxed appearance.
  5. So does the soft shoulder, something we’re quite fond of at TOT, rather than the traditional roped British shoulder (we use top end German cotton shoulder pads, which give structure and comfort without adding too much weight).
  6. Perfect sleeve length - an oh so important detail.
  7. The peak lapel used to be a formal style, but has become very popular on all kinds of jackets, adding width and "power" to the chest.
  8. The jetted ticket pocket is a traditional detail, often very practical, whether for opera tickets or your subway pass.
  9. Pick stitched lapel (we prefer it inside on the lining for a clean look) and crested brass buttons (we’re fans of bone) show attention to detail.
  10. The purple gingham shirt bridges the casual/formal gap.
  11. It looks to feature mother-of-pearl buttons, something we have quite a penchant for.
  12. The perfectly pressed trousers show that pleats can be subtle and modern.
  13. The rolled up cuffs, sans socks, add an Italian flair.
  14. Shoes polished to a shine, with the light color and derby style keeping the right formal/casual balance.
  15. The pocket square proves that you do not necessarily need to match your shirt or (non-existent) tie, as long as it fits in.
  16. The leather belt shows playfulness with the little off-color strip - click here to learn more about the customizable belts we have to offer.



With all these things to consider, and taking our never-quite-standard bodies into account, you really need to consult a tailor for the best style advice and perfect fit.

That’s what we’re here for. Get in touch!






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