The Suits of Homeland

Posted: Jan 30 2017

Homeland is one of our favorite television shows. With a brand new season recently started, we remember the adventures of Nicolas Brody and intelligence officer Carrie Mathison, which have kept us on the edge of our seat since season one.

We thought that the suits sported by Brody, especially the ones he wears while running for congress, could be a source of inspiration for our customers looking for a solid office look. If Brody can wear these combinations to run for office, you can surely wear them to run to the office.

The first suit we analyzed is a charcoal two piece. We like how the jacket is nicely fitted at the shoulders and waist, with a politics-appropriate conservative jacket length. The suit’s pants have a single pleat, conforming with what is in demand amongst our North American customers, often asking for slightly bigger legs and preferring to boost their comfort instead of going for a slimmer fit. The ensemble is completed by a classic, elegant belt and a beautiful plum tie that works very well with the pale blue of the shirt.

The second suit is the one worn by Nicholas Brody in the show’s cover image. We like this two piece because it looks formal, and somehow the slightly bigger cut of the shoulder and waist lends its wearer an air importance, by shunning modern, slim cuts. Another detail conveying Brody’s commanding look is the French cuff, a very gentlemanly, formal detail. The tie worn with the suit is not our favorite, but we see how choosing a color scheme matching the star-spangled banner might be key to winning an election.

The third jacket caught our attention because Ben Cole, the co-founder of Tailor On Ten, has a jacket made of the exact same fabric. The jacket worn by Murray Abraham is cut out of Vitale Barberis Canonico Super 120 flannel, a fabric we are very fond of. The pattern is textured and elegant and it can be used to achieve different looks, from formal to casual. 

Heavier fabrics (like flannel) tend to look good thanks to their strong natural drape, but as always, fit is key. In the show, Abraham wears a jacket with huge sleeves and big armholes. This limits his movement and looks unnecessarily bulky, but it works well for his wise-and-seasoned gentleman look. We feel that choosing a brighter color for his shirt would compliment the jacket better and freshened up the combination, but that is our personal opinion.

The way the same fabric was used for Ben’s jacket, spins the flannel in a completely different, fresher direction. The cut is slimmer, resulting in a much younger fit with patch pockets and bright horn buttons. We also love the lining of Ben’s jacket, dark purple Bemberg with gold piping that adds an extra touch of fun (check it out when you come visit us).

The wonderful things about bespoke is the versatility, and how we can handle the same fabric to meet the taste of different men. If you see anything you like on television or on the silver screen, do not hesitate to bring your ideas to us. We will adopt the suits to work for you, or give a new spin to a fabric you like. Check out our other movie and TV style guides here.

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