The Suits of James Bond - Spectre

Posted: Oct 08 2015

The latest Bond is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Daniel Craig is back, facing Spectre, the evil organization that has been causing trouble over the last three movies. As always, James Bond kicks ass and takes names while wearing dapper bespoke suits, once again designed by Tom Ford.

We’ve studied and broken down some of the ensembles, so that you will know what to ask for to get the Bond look. And who doesn't want to look like Bond?

The first combination we picked is a black three-piece herringbone suit. We chose this because some of its details are quite eye catching and it represents a departure for Craig’s Bond.

The nicely cut two button jacket has huge peak lapels, where Bond has previously mostly opted for more subtle variations. The jacket is accessorized with a pocket square that is nonchalantly puffed into the pocket. This was a bit of a shocker since a neat fold has always been the way to go for Craig’s Bond. Under the jacket there is a six button waistcoat and a white shirt, with a pin collar, again adding more detail, where Bond usually goes for ‘less-is-more’. The wide, perfectly dimpled tie goes well with the look, but looks a bit big for the narrow collar.

As interesting as this suit might be, we find that some things are a little out of place, starting from the fabric itself, which doesn’t have the lustre of a high-end fabric. The buttons are also too shiny, which cheapens the look. If we at Tailor On Ten were prepping you for a silver screen appearance (or an action-packed quest to save the world), we might have suggested less fashion statement, more quality (and thrown in some semi-matte horn buttons for good measure). Luckily though, as always, the fit is immaculate.

Bond hits home with this suit, proving that his strength lies in simplicity. This gray two piece in plain twill has slimmer notch lapels and fits like a glove. The suit is elegantly understated without any unnecessary embellishments. The shirt and tie combination is also a safe one, pairing a navy blue tie with a classic sky blue shirt, featuring a conservative kent collar and French cuffs. Finally, the pocket square is the same color as the shirt and neatly folded. This look is about as plain as you can go, and while the combination might seem boring, elegance never is.

We chose this look since it is one of Bond’s rare but very successful forays into casual tailoring. We love this unmatched combination of beige chinos and mid-brown cotton jacket since both materials and colours go hand in hand. The white shirt is classic, and so is the brown tie, which continues the earth tones. The muted shades are nicely complimented by the chocolate leather of both accessories, belt and suitcase. This is the first time that we see Daniel Craig wearing a belt on a 007 set, and even if we like how he opts for side fasteners for on suits, a belt is perfect for this more casual look.

The king of Spectre’s looks has to be Bond’s white dinner jacket, which is a first for Daniel Craig. The fabric is wool, possibly with a hint of mohair, to give it the right sheen even under artificial light. The buttons are covered in the same cream silk that is used for pocket piping, but not on the lapel, as you traditionally would on tuxedos. This works really well, as a white dinner jacket is arguably eye-catching enough without the front shining with silk.

The look comes together with simple black pants and a white spread collar shirt, worn with mother of pearl studs that perfectly complement the cream silk details. Bond accessorizes fashionably with black silk bowtie, red flower on the lapel and Walter PPK in hand. We wholeheartedly approve of the look (and it brings to mind one of our clients who looked absolutely outstanding in his rather extraordinary dinner jacket).

The dinner jacket is a bit of throwback to Connery’s Bond, and a reminder that while fashion changes, classic style is constant. And no one personifies this better than James Bond. Read our breakdown of the previous films here or drop us a line to get your own James Bond suits.

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