David Beckham: The Modern Gentleman

Posted: Jun 12 2014

To celebrate the new unanimously acclaimed BBC documentary "Into the Unknown" and as a gentle reminder ahead of the World Cup for footballers to step up their menswear game, we take a look at David Beckham’s best suits.

Arguably one of the world’s biggest style icons and one of the best-dressed athletes ever, Beckham has always been comfortable trying new things – pushing the stylistic envelope, if you will. And while his eagerness to experiment has had its low points…

…it has eventually lead to a mature style, consisting of perfectly tailored suits, subtle accessories and the slickest haircut around.

Across the Internet, there are numerous ‘Beckham Style Journeys’, so with our particular love for tailored clothing, we focus on our favorite looks of his recent years, where he epitomizes the modern gentleman.

The modern gentleman is recognized by his entrepreneurialism, beautiful family and friends and his infectious smile.

And he knows how to stay dry in style…

A gentleman should do good. And look good doing it…

And keep good company…

For those who have paid attention, Beckham follows a few style principles that we at Tailor On Ten constantly promote; simple classic styling, the splendidness of three-piece suits, perfect fit and the constant appeal of the navy tie (read more about our offering of classic Italian silk ties here).

Yet, probably the ultimate reason for Beckham’s iconic status is that he wears everything with confidence – that way you even look good in something as rudimentary as a t-shirt…

And since we’ve switched into casualwear anyway, we might as well advice absolutely everyone to invest in a good piece of outerwear, a nice pair of jeans and some good boots (Goyard bag optional).

Yep, you can get that coat from us.

One thing is clear, Beckham definitely gets his suits custom made – and so should you. Read more about the bespoke process here.

Enjoy the World Cup and make sure you check out David Beckham (without suits) on his Brazilian motorcycle adventure in "Into the Unknown".

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