All About Mohair Fabrics

Posted: Apr 19 2016

Mohair is a special type of fibre that is extracted from the hair of angora goats. The smooth fibres give mohair a distinct shine and lustre, a characteristic desirable for formal occasions such as cocktail parties and other types of black tie events. Mohair fabrics are also very crease-resistant, which makes them good for traveling or other times when you need to keep looking fresh all day - such as weddings.

Mohair originally came from Turkey, where it was considered to be a fabric so valuable that for hundreds of years it was reserved for the elite. Export of mohair began in the early 19th century, and before long it had become a highly sought after fabric worldwide. Today, South America is the number one producer of mohair, while the state of Texas is the second largest producer in the world. Because of the high shine and luxurious quality, mohair is called ‘diamond fibre’ and often used in special blends for different types of garments.

How Mohair Fabrics are Produced

The long, silky hair of the angora goat is sheared twice each year. An angora goat typically produces five to eight kilos of mohair each cycle. The fibre is processed to remove any dirt and the material is then carded to blend the different types of fibres and straighten them so that they lie flat in the same direction. Carding is done by passing the mohair through a series of rollers that are covered with wire teeth, thus creating a thin web of fibres. Then, the carded mohair is combed to remove short fibres and straighten the long ones. The fabric is then spun into a single yarn that can either be knitted together or weaved on a large loom to create fabric.

Benefits of Mohair Fabrics

Garments made of mohair are crease and stretch resistant. They are also very light and absorbent, which makes them ideal for summer wear and warm climates, while its insulating properties will keep you warm in winter. Mohair responds well to dyes and holds colour, and the silky appearance gives the fabric an expensive sheen that looks especially good in artificial light, making mohair a favorite for black tie attire and special occasion suits.

Talking about mohair fabrics, people (including us) typically refer to mohair blend fabrics. In other words, it’s rare to have pure mohair, as other fibres tend to balance its properties well. Our mohair is blended with merino wool in a ratio of 16/84% to create a soft and luxurious fabric, featuring mohair’s distinct sheen. We offer an excellent range of black, navy and mid-blue mohair fabrics that hail from Italy’s Vitale Barberis Canonico.

To see more of our mohair fabrics, browse around our website. The suit used in many of our product shots is made from the lighter blue mohair. Here’s a pretty cool 3D photo of it. One thing to note, mohair shouldn’t be confused with angora wool, which is the fur from angora rabbits, which is often used in sweaters and overcoats. Read more about our overcoats here...

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