The Tailor On Ten Accessories Collection

Posted: Feb 17 2015

After months of hard work, we’re proud to introduce the Tailor On Ten Accessories Collection. We have designed some beautiful ties and pocket squares that balance perfectly between classic and playful. As you know, we are somewhat obsessed with quality, so we had them hand made in Italy, where generations of experience combine to create the finest silk accessories known to man.

Not satisfied there, we sourced incredible Japanese silk knots and luxurious mother of pearl collar stays. To top it off, we have revolutionized the hunt for the perfect belt - by letting you design your own!

Below, we pick a few of our favorite pieces and offer some humble styling suggestions along with what makes our accessories so special.

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It’s a well known fact in sartorial circles that the best ties in the world come from Italy, but why? On the shores of Lake Como, craftsmen with generations of experience create soft yet structured silks that are expertly cut and hand finished with the highest precision. Our ties are self-tipped and carefully balanced with a double interlining. This translates to beautiful ties with rich colors and a perfect sheen, which knot flawlessly and easily un-crease after wear. It’s hard to pinpoint what makes a tie look great, but when you see one, you know. This is what makes Italian ties special and why we chose them. 

The two most easily matched shirt colors are white and sky blue and the Trieste Silk Tie has stripes of both these colors. That makes this tie is exceedingly easy to wear, while the rich navy creates a strong base and the red stripe adds a pop of color. Wear it with pretty much any suit or, for an off-duty look, with a button-down shirt, evoking classic Ivy League fashion.

It is almost impossible to go wrong with a solid color tie and the lack of pattern allows for more creativity in the suit fabric or other accessories. The Fuchsia Roma Silk Tie has a wonderful color that matches extremely well with various shades of blue. It also brings out details of pink and purple in your shirt or pocket square.

Navy is a great color for a tie, as it goes with everything. The green dots make the Treviso Silk Tie a bit more playful, and thus appropriate for casual occasions in addition to business. May we suggest a navy suit and light blue shirt, perhaps paired with green silk knots.

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Pocket Squares
Our pocket squares are made by a third generation family business in a small town in Italy’s Varese district. Here, traditional techniques combine with state-of-the-art looms and the finest raw materials to create luxurious silks. We’ve developed a range of classic designs in rich hues that provide a sophisticated touch of color.

The Pescara Silk Pocket Square gives a stylish edge to any outfit. Its double pattern enables many styling options, appropriate for both light and dark jackets. Fold it to show just one of the patterns or combine them with the elegant rolled edges. The shades complement blue jackets especially well, while the dark borders provide a nice contrast to grey suits.

The Palermo Silk Pocket Square makes a sartorial statement without being overpowering. The purple color gives a great a contrast while the details of sky and royal blue makes it easy to match. The Palermo can be worn with almost any jacket, but looks especially good when there’s any purple or blue details in the outfit, such as the royal blue check on this jacket. For a more subtle look, fold it straight, to show just a touch of purple.

For those buying a tuxedo, we also offer a classic black bowtie and a white pocket square.

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Silk Knots

For over a century, silk knots has been a gentleman’s go-to item for wearing French cuff shirts on days when cufflinks seem too formal. Our new silk knots are made in Japan, using real silk for the best luster. We carry 21 colors, to match or contrast any outfit. Give white shirts an effortless pop of color or match the silk knots to a detail in your tie to demonstrate your eye for detail.

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As a bespoke outfitter, we are proud to introduce custom made belts. Instead of running around looking for the perfect color belt, only to find it’s the wrong buckle or your length is sold out, you simply create your own! We have thin and wide belts in a large range of leathers and plenty of buckles to choose from. For a casual look, our horseshoe buckle in antique bronze finish combines beautifully with a rich chocolate brown leather belt. To wear with a suit, check out the classic metal buckles and subtle black leather options. There are over 300 possible combinations, so get creative!

Please note that belts and buckles are sold separately. Do ensure that you purchase both items of the same width.

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We are incredibly excited to show off our new wares, so pop into the store or click here to view the full collection!


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