The Suits of The Blacklist

Posted: Oct 09 2016

The Blacklist is another show we have been spending some time with, and we find James Spader’s “Red” Reddington to be the character holding the show together. The businessman and mastermind controls a vast range of “creative” enterprises and can gather information on the criminal underworld at the drop of a hat. At the same time, Reddington is a keen waistcoat lover, and he gives us the chance of introducing the concept of a signature look.

Suit of the blacklist

In this first picture we found the perfect example of Red’s signature look. The look is composed by a shirt with bold stripes, a maroon tie and a waistcoat. The waistcoat is clearly the star of the show, with lapels and a subtle check that is not too hard on the eyes. The waistcoat is also detailed with four pockets. The shirt in this particular occasion adds a little kick to the look, working well with the maroon tie. The tie has a subtle pattern that we will see again and again in the next pictures.

The blacklist suit

In this second picture, Spader’s look plays with the same essentials, a tie, a clear shirt and a waistcoat with lapels. The key to his signature look is to mix and match a lot of great basics that look good together thanks to their subtle colors. The light grey vest, and the white shirt match perfectly with the charcoal pants. The tie has a very similar pattern as the maroon one in the previous picture, but this time the solid color is blue. The essentials are so versatile, that it is not difficult for Spader to throw a petrol raincoat on top, and to seal the look with a hat. A little Sinatra can go a long way.

The Suits of Hannibal

We picked the third picture because we found it revealing. Having a signature look can be handy, but sometimes it can backfire, like it did for Spader’s character in this instance.

If the base combination of light shirt, tie and waistcoat works, the jacket that was thrown on top of it ruins it all. For starters, the fabric is too shiny, and the brown color is quite gloomy worn with the dark separates. The peak lapels and slanted pockets add to the confusion of a jacket with sleeves that are too wide and arm holes that are too big. The overall cut of the jacket feels as if Spader went one size up, afraid that he could not fit his beloved waistcoat underneath it, yet he didn't button up the jacket, making the front look messy. We still like the tie, but here it's been tied with too big a knot, so it fills his slim collar disproportionately, giving definitive proof that you have to take care good care of your signature look. Come to see us in store and let us help you design your own signature look, or start browsing our online store for inspiration right now...

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