Finding a Tailor in Bangkok

Posted: May 01 2011

Bangkok TailorsCompetitive prices, great quality and quick production. These are the things Bangkok tailors are most famous for. Furthermore, Thai tailors are known for quality workmanship, attention to detail and accessibility. For all these reasons, Bangkok tailors are very high on most tourists’ lists of places to visit when coming to Thailand. And although it’s not easy to find the right tailor, many people choose to use Thai tailors.

If you are looking to get a high quality suit or shirt made, the tailors in Bangkok are definitely a great option and there are a few ways of how to select the right one.

Have a look at these pointers which will help you make the best choice:

    1. Unless you absolutely must, trying to get something made within 24 hours is risky. Good quality tailoring takes time and a few fittings are necessary to achieve perfection. Have a look at how it works for more

    2. Cheap packages are just that, cheap. Whilst Bangkok tailors offer amazing prices, good quality still costs something! If someone is offering to sell you a suit and three shirts for $100, then you will certainly not have a quality end product.

    3. Duplicating items such as suits and shirts is a great way to go. If you go to the tailor with photos of the actual item you want copied, then you are sure to get exactly what you want.

    4. Check out reviews online. The internet has a wealth of knowledge and many, many people write about their experiences. Beware of self promotion.

    5. Phone the shop. A professional and well run tailor store will always be contactable by phone. They should be able to answer all of your questions and deal with you in a professional manner.

    6. Avoid big hotel tailors. If the tailor is located inside a 5 star hotel, it is paying big rents and big commissions to the hotel and those costs are therefore passed onto you as the customer.

    7. Ask to see some examples of previous work done. Check the little details, inside seams, button fixing and so on.

    Most importantly read this article which explains in depth how to be sure you get what you pay for!

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