The Suits of James Bond - Quantum of Solace

Posted: Jul 07 2013

Continuing in our ode to great suits on Film, we will forge ahead with the era of Daniel Craig as James Bond. Let’s forget for a moment that Quantum of Solace was a bit of an average Bond film. It lacked that freshness and flare of Casino Royale, Bond didn’t get the girl, the bad guy was pretty forgettable and we somehow ended up in an explosive hotel in the desert.

But what it lacked in plot it made up for with cloth. The suits worn by Bond were just as good, if not better, than those worn in Casino Royale. This is quite the accomplishment for Tom Ford who made all the Bond ensembles and was the replacement for the very highly respected and successful Bond tailor Brioni.

All of the Tom Ford suits have 5 buttons on the cuffs; most suits would come with 3 or 4 button sleeves but Tom Ford goes with 5 and always leaves the 5th unbuttoned. This is a statement to show they are working button holes, a tell-tale sign of a tailored suit. Anyway, it’s time to pick out our three suits and once again Bond has given us a range that can be used in all occasions.

Suit No. 1 This suit is made of mohair, a fabric that we have discussed in depth in one of our posts. The sheen of the mohair gives this dark suit a distinct appearance that sets it apart from standard black suits. As for the suit construction, we spotted flapped pockets, a ticket pocket and side vents. The suit is a slim fit to compliment Craig’s muscular body. A nice little detail on the pants is the side fasteners, while the shirt sports a generous kent collar. Of the three this is the suit one would get the most wear out of; classic and suitable for just about any occasion.

Suit No. 2 We discussed how in Casino Royale Bond’s muse sizes him up and has a tailored tuxedo made for him. In Quantum of Solace Bond just happens to find a tuxedo in a locker that is perfectly tailored to him. Yet another lucky fit for Mr. Bond. Casino Royale set the bar high with the Brioni tuxedo, but Tom Ford has stepped up with a midnight blue, 1-button, shawl collar model. The jacket has jetted pockets and side vents, and is worn with a neat white pocket square . Both jacket and pants are detailed with black satin silk, which gives a subtle contrast to the midnight blue mohair fabric. The tuxedo shirt has a pleated front, French cuffs and spread collar worn with a black bowtie matching the jacket silk. The shirt is made with stud holes, where he wears mother of pearl studs, a more subtle alternative to the often favored black onyx version.

Suit No. 3 This lovely shade of dark brown is quite unusual and gives this relatively formal outfit a warm-weather feel for Bond’s mission to Bolivia. There are side vents, 5-button cuffs and flapped pockets with a ticket pocket. Like the first suit, the lapels are generous notch lapels, which work well with Craig’s wide shoulders, while avoiding the fair of peak lapels. The pants are a slim, straight cut, and to achieve a clean line, Bond again eschews a belt in favor of side-fasteners. The shirt also remains a classic white poplin with kent collar, worn with a tie of a lighter brown shade. Once again, Bond proves that simplicity is key to elegance.

Overall, Quantum of Solace opts for a very clean look for Bond with very little pattern in the suits and plain white shirts. Well, clean until he gets shot at, burnt, bloodied and battered, but that is just par for the course when you live the life of James Bond.

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