Japanese and Irish Linen Suits and Shirts

Posted: Sep 25 2013

Japanese Linen Suit Jacket

Many people consider linen to be the poor cousin of wool and cotton and in most cases that would be a pretty fair point of view. But when we look at high quality linen, things start to look markedly different. Tailor On Ten sources some of the best linen in the world, not only because it looks and feels great, but because it comprises some of the best attributes of both wool and cotton.

Good linen fabrics feel cool to the touch. They are smooth, lint-free, and similar to cotton in that they get softer the more they are washed, creating a garment that actually appreciates in personal if not monetary value.

Similar to wool, high quality linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in water without feeling damp and breathes easily. They are very durable, strong fabrics, and one of the few that are stronger when wet. Good tip if you have a linen shirt, just take it straight from the washing machine, put it on a hanger and leave it out to dry. The hanger will not stretch the material and will result in the charming, slightly wrinkled look that linen is famous for.

Good linen is an investment. People usually assume that when they buy a shirt it will require replacing after 6 months due to wear but that is just not the case with linen. As you wash and wear good linen it will actually look and feel more beautiful. That is why Tailor One Ten offers Japanese and Irish Linen, we only stock the best!

Our range of Japanese linen is more focused on the natural linen colours and is usually used for suiting. This particular jacket is made from Japanese linen in a houndstooth weave with burnt horn buttons and brown Bemberg lining. The mixture of grey with brown gives a cool yet stately look and is easily worn during the warmer months of the year.

Irish Linen

Our Irish linen on the other hand, eschews the natural colour of linen and instead embraces the colourful spirit of the Emerald Isle. This linen is quite possibly the best in the world. The majestic, visually stunning dyes combined with the highest crafting standards results in a shirt that is truly a privilege to wear.

Please visit our ‘How Linen is Made’ page if you would like to know more about this remarkable fabric. Or click here to contact us.

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