The Rules of Race Day

Posted: Jun 18 2013

We all love a good day at the Ponies, it's one of the great Australian past-times. The grass, the fresh air, champion horses, free-flowing drinks and a veritable sea of the most amazing looking women you have ever seen in your life. It is almost embarrassing going to the races as a man, the women upstage us in the fashion department by such a formidable margin that we feel rude for even showing up.

Well gents, it doesn't have to be so. The biggest mistake we make when having a day on the turf is we treat it as a formal occasion. It's not! This is your Saturday, a day in the sun with friends and beautiful women.. and gambling! Suits that you would usually wear to work just won't do the job. Odds on says you probably only have suits within the colour spectrum of black to dark navy, don't worry, that described my wardrobe until I realised that suits don't just have to fill a formal role. The suit is a versatile idea and it is only limited to the constraints you place upon it. Sure, too much deviation from the status-quo can land you in trouble with the fashion police, who are especially vicious on race day, but that shouldn't deter you from a little experimentation. And if you ever think you are going a bit too far out there just remember, Dennis Rodman wore a dress...

So here are a few simple rules to following during the Spring Carnival.

Rule 1. You should look different.

Try out a style/cut/colour of suit that you wouldn't usually wear. Just to clarify I'm not saying you should go out and buy yourself a blue suit, just go a few shades lighter than usual, try something in a very light grey or grey/white blend. If you aren't feeling quite right about a full suit you can try a Sports Coat, just don't match it with jeans, go for some grey slacks or chinos at the very least and ditch the tie. And what could be a better way of expressing your holiday spirit than a colourful silk tie, straight from Italy!



Rule 2. Add some colour. Then add more.

The races are all about boisterous frivolity, it's supposed to be fun. Leave the drab and throw on some light summer pastel. Light pinks and blues go particularly well with a light coloured suit. If the fit is right the cuffs should be about a quarter inch outside your suit sleeve which nicely colours the middle of the ensemble. Just to be daring, try out a pocket square. They should usually match your tie but if you aren't wearing one, which is definitely an option by the way, just go with something that compliments the shirt. When in doubt, just make it white, thin, neat and only slightly protruding from the pocket (we liked this one, available for delivery worldwide from the comfort of your chair).

Rule 3. Hats are not just for women.

If you don't know what a fascinator is, it's a fancy name for a hat worn by women that is functionally useless but terribly attractive. They are a piece that goes hand in hand with women at the races and I am a big fan. I know that we are trying to stretch the boundaries and that we have touched on men wearing dresses but do not go out and buy yourself a fascinator. Or a Top Hat, unless your are going to Royal Ascot. Just try to go with a linen Fedora, a little bit of 'Rat Pack' just to top it off. It doesn't have to match the suit exactly, just go for similar. For those of us that are a little thin on top, a hat can do wonders for the overall look.

The main thing to remember is that the races are supposed to be fun and you should look and feel fun. Most of you will be thinking the same thing I did, "why would I spend all that money on a suit just for the races?" But now I have Tailor on Ten and suits that fit properly and look stylish are well within my budget, and Tailor on Ten will bring them well within your budget too. There is no fiscal excuse now for not trying something different! Click here to read about our suits and shirts.

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