The TOT Double

Posted: Jun 26 2013

What is better than one breast? Two!

Since 2010 Tailor on Ten has experienced a resurgence, a resurrection, a second coming… Before this gets too far down the religious path and you start wondering what the connection is between his greatness and the insurmountable beauty of the fairer sexes chest, allow me to clarify.

I am talking about the regal beauty, power and masculinity of the ‘bespokiest’(sic) of sartorial fashion statements. The Double-Breasted suit.

A timeless garment that found its true calling in the English military, particularly the cavalry division. Forgive the Australian snide coming out in me but I guess the Vitamin D deficient sun dodgers from the Kingdom circa 1900s thought that the sight of a full chest of shiny brass buttons would be enough to strike fear and dread into the heart of any man. Jests aside, I am sure they looked very dashing on the battlefield and women love a man in uniform. The double breasted suit of yore was characterized by a boxier silhouette, looser drape, extra length and incredibly wide lapels.

Double Breasted SuitEnough of the past, let’s look to the present. We are talking modern and this particular suit, coined by yours truly as the TOT Double, has slimmed and trimmed its way to earning a spot in the modern gentlemen’s rotation. 

The TOT Double jacket is 100% Italian luxury milled in Biella using the finest wool from down under, 270g Australian Merino Super 110’s. It sports a peaked lapel, beautiful chocolate-brown horn buttons and Bemberg lining, because only the best will do. Waist suppression brings it close to the torso, with higher armholes, trim sleeves and natural shoulders that don’t create any extra bulk. As for the trousers, traditional double breasted suit pants were pleated and had cuffs – this “heavier” look was needed to balance out a heftier jacket. Given that the TOT Double suit jacket has been modernised, the trousers can be too, so we tapered the fit and dispensed with the pleats and cuffs. The end result speaks for itself; the TOT Double has kept the heart and soul of this timeless garment whilst embracing modern minimalism.

This particular TOT Double will be seen roaming the streets of Melbourne attached to what is sure to be a very chipper young chap.

Tailor On!

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