Do you want to wear a Suit or a Statement?

Posted: Jun 30 2013

There comes a point in every man's life when he has to don a suit. From that moment on a suit will become a staple part of his wardrobe, even if he doesn't like it. We have all been here before, first job, family wedding, court hearing... point is, do you want to just wear a suit for the sake of being dressed appropriately or do you want to wear a statement.



I am going to drop a mostly overused but in this case rather appropriate phrase, a picture tells a thousand words. This particular picture was featured on by photographer: Paola Kudackp. So what does this picture tell you? Personally, I've owned a suit with a rather similar fit as the one pictured on the left, I wore it to my year 10 formal and it was an abomination. It hung awkwardly and had all the pizazz of a hessian bag. But what did I care, all I knew was that I needed a suit and my date looked much hotter than I did.

The rather stunning contrast on the right however, is a statement. That, is how a suit should look. It is almost like a before and after except you can have it right now, without the slow and torturous purgatory otherwise known as the gym. There is truly no comparing an off the rack suit to a tailored one, they are just not in the same league, or even playing the same sport. A tailored suit of any fashion makes a statement if it is cut and fitted correctly, it can make you taller, slimmer, smarter... well, that last one might be a stretch. But buying a tailored suit is still a smart choice, so points for that!

In any given scenario perception is a key motivator. How you perceive other people but more importantly how people perceive you. It's a little bit Jekyll and Hyde I know, but if this chap was in fact two different gentleman competing for the same job or women, who would come out on top? For the sake of argument let's just dismiss petty semantics like intelligence or experience and focus on what's really important.

At Tailor on Ten we want to ask you one question. What does your suit say about you?

Tailor On!

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